Doing Nurses Week the Best Way I Know How

It is Nurses week and I have been getting to do one of my favorite things! Hanging with this crew for the last three days doing a medical outreach to a rural community. These people don’t have much access to health care as it is hard to get money for transport to the closest medical clinic. Many health issues get left untreated and eventually get out of control. We saw around 1,000 patients for the 3 days combined. And boy do I feel it tonight, I’m wiped! 

Pastor Charles, who is a PA, and I were responsible for seeing all the pediatric patients. We spent the days under a large mango tree, surrounded by a swarm of sick kids and their mothers. They all pressed in tight wanting to make sure they got seen and that they got medication. It got a little claustrophobic if you looked around and saw people all around you and almost on top of you. The most common conditions I encountered were malaria, upper respiratory infection, rashes, and intestinal worms.🤢 I ended up deworming almost every kid. They don’t have much access to clean water, and that is where intestinal worms come from. They usually need to be dewormed every 6 months but most of the kids had never been dewormed before. Almost every kid had malaria as this is the season for it. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to use the gift of nursing but even more that I am able to show the love of Christ in this way. I love that he has given me the ability and the opportunity to love on these kids and point them to Christ. People were treated physically, yes but every patient has the opportunity to receive prayer, and had the gospel preached to them. Most of them were very receptive.

 I am also thankful to work with my brothers and sisters in Christ, many of whom have been my friends for a long time. Our group was from Naluko, Midigo, and Soroti. It has been a blessing to serve together as the body of Christ. Thank you Jesus for all you accomplished!

Keep praying for us as we continue to serve the Lord! Love you all!


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