Apio and Acen

Well it’s 1am and I’ve been up since 7am and at the hospital since 8am except for a few breaks here and there. I have a few more hours to go before Jenn and Elizabeth come to relieve me from NICU duty. We were blessed with 2 sweet NICU admits this afternoon. They are twins and about 2 months early. They only weigh about 2.5lbs. They are the cutest little girls. Apio and Acen (pronounced achen) those are the names always given to twin girls here in Soroti.

The day started with a group of kids here for their school check up. Jenn and Elizabeth took vitals and did pharmacy while I talked with some of the midwifes about plans for the NICU. (Not knowing that the babies would come that afternoon) and sat and talked with the kids for a while. The day seemed to slow down after all the kids had been seen and I was told that we were getting two premature babies and that we didn’t have any other information. The babies came by ambulance but with no isolettes. The midwife that brought them used a hot water bottle to keep them warm. I was handed one bundle of blankets with a squirming little nugget inside and one of our midwifes took the other. Though we have new equipment here we only have 1 massimo pulse oximeter and 1 IV pump. Thankfully we have 2 isolettes. We have had to improvise by switching he pulse ox and IV pump between the 2 kids. The midwife who came for night duty is alone and has 3 mothers in labor and delivering soon so I am taking the night shift with the babies and Jenn and Elizabeth will come early in the morning to take over. The NICU room is small and hot! They keep the door and window closed to try and reduce infection but that makes it sweltering in here and I can’t wait to go shower. I just heard tonight that the new NICU that is being built will have AC 🙌🏼 praise the Lamb! It’s really amazing to see what God is doing here NS has done since Heather and I first helped with the NICU in 2016.



Keep praying for Apio and Acen to grow and be able to catch on to eating quickly. Pray that they don’t get any infection and can continue to breath without oxygen. Thanks for all the prayer and support throughout this trip! I appreciate all of you! God bless!


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