Hello Again

Hi Friends and Family!

This is Courtney here! 👋🏼 So It has been a little over a year since Heather or I have written on this blog! Times really flies by faster and faster as the years go by! I have been feeling like it was time for me to write a little more often even if it’s just a place to share my thoughts and get them written down for my own sake.

Since the last time I wrote I have worked in LA for 9 months, gone on a 3 week medical mission trip back to Uganda, made a quick trip to Peru with a friend, and went on a trip to Italy and Greece with my church in San Juan, which was amazing! The past year has been a busy but fruitful year of trusting the Lord, taking one step at a time, and watching Him work!

Here are just a few snap shots of the last year

Uganda: Reunited with the staff Heather and I worked with for 5 months

Uganda: I got to see a couple of the preemie twins that Heather and I helped deliver and take care of in the NICU. In this photo they were 9 months old and doing awesome! (These are the same twins Heather is holding in the picture at the top of the post)

Peru: Machu Picchu is a pretty amazing place 😍

Peru: The Bible college campus where my friends were serving.

Greece: We got to meet, play games, and sing songs with Syrian refugees and it was an extreme blessing!

Greece: The ancient city of Corinth where Paul planted a church and to whom the books of 1 & 2 Corinthians were written

Italy: Doing construction and landscaping at the new campus of Calvary Chapel Montebelluna

Utah: The amazing view from our patio

Utah: Arches National Park

Utah: The capital building

Utah: Zion National Park

Utah: Bryce Canyon National Park

I am now currently wrapping up a 3 month work assignment in Utah (Hence all the Utah pictures) before hopefully heading back to LA again for the summer! Utah has been a blast! Literally, we have been blasted with snow and wind and rain and occasionally sunshine! It sure is different living somewhere where seasons actually exist. I decided to come out with Faith who is going to school out here. It has been fun to have her as a Roomie and to spend time together. We are living near Salt Lake surrounded by beautiful mountains that make for some pretty spectacular views. The Lord has really blessed Faith and I with an awesome church out here and wonderful friends who are such a blessing. They have been so welcoming and really shown the love of Christ to us. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to meet them all.

As I have traveled around this last year I have been so amazed to see the body of Christ at work in a few different countries. It is amazing to see what a connection we instantly have with our brothers and sisters around the world and around our own country. It’s reminds me of John 15:5 where Jesus says,

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

As we are all connected to the true vine (Jesus) we are then connected to each other through Him! Giving us an instant spiritual bond with others who we don’t even know. This is such a cool thing! God has made us social beings who need each other and has given us a way to connect to each other in meaningful friendships.

What I feel God has me doing right now is working as a travel nurse. This means I take about 3 month assignments with different hospitals around the country. Since I am a temporary employee it allows me to work and then be off work for up to about 6months if I want/can afford to. This gives me a unique opportunity to be able to be flexible and travel around the country, but also to serve the Lord in different countries on my time off. My heart is to follow the Lord as He leads me in each season of life. I hope to use this blog to again bring you all along on my journey

In the end of August, I have an exciting opportunity to go back to Uganda with my church on a missions trip. I am also hoping and praying to stay about two weeks extra with my younger sister (who will be a newly graduated RN) to do more training with the NICU staff at the hospital in Soroti that Heather and I worked with for 5 months in 2016. My heart is to check in and see how everyone is doing and do some refresher training and just see how we can bless them! I am also hoping to spend time with our 2 brothers (Faith’s Biological brothers) and sister (Rebecca’s biological sister) who live in Uganda. We will leave in the end of August for Uganda, and will start the trip with the team from church serving in Soroti, Arua, and Midigo. This part of our trip will consist of mobile medical clinics, possibly a VBS, and visiting a refugee camp. After the team leaves we will travel back to Soroti where we will stay for a couple weeks working in the hospital.

My hope is that you will all partner with me in prayer. Here are a few things to pray for:

▪️Pray that our trip would encourage the churches there and not wear them out. We desire to come alongside them and serve with them!

▪️That we would be bold in our witness and yet filled with humility, esteeming others above ourselves.

▪️Pray that we would strive to make Jesus known and not ourselves

▪️Also that we would work in such a way that would make disciples of Jesus and not of the US

▪️Finally that we would be quick to hear the Holy Spirit and to follow where He leads

The cost of my trip will be about $3,500. I know God will provide if It is His will for me to go. If you feel led to give that is a blessing to me and I am so, so grateful! If you don’t feel led to give then please don’t feel pressured! I have never done fundraising online before and I would hate for anyone to feel pressured to give because of it!

Anything given above that amount needed for travel, food, and lodging will be put towards a much needed IV pump. For the hospital in Soroti.

I set up a go fund me account to see if that’s easier. The copy the link below into your browser



You can also donate directly to my church for a tax deductible donation. Just make the check directly to CCSJC add my name and Uganda 0818 in the memo section. The check can be mailed to

31612 El Camino Real

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Thank you all for your support over the years! I’m so blessed and grateful to have you all in my life! Thanks for hanging in there through this long post and making it to the end

Until the next post (here’s to hoping it’s not in a year),


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