Heading Home

15 days since we left Uganda, 168 days since we left the US…and now we are on our way home. It’s crazy to look back over the last 6 months and see all that God has done in us and in His people. But before I start reminiscing (in fact, I’ll let the video do that! Full video on Facebook. It wouldn’t let me upload it here.), let me share about the joys of Nepal!Nepal is such a beautiful country! The Himalayan mountains provide a gorgeous backdrop from almost every town. The people are kind and so beautiful. And the food is amazing! But so many of these beautiful people are without hope. They call on 330 million gods hoping for some help to get through life. But there is no answer. My heart longs for these people to know the love and joy and peace that is found in Jesus. Truly He is like no other and His love fulfills us like no other! Please pray for these people to know Hope, to know Joy, and to know Love!

Our first few days in Nepal we had some time to rest and get ready for all that lies ahead. We were also blessed to fellowship with some of the missionaries and even able to give our friends a date night by watching their precious boy! 

The main focus of our time was helping do some nutrition teaching with our friend Natalie who is working on her Master’s. Getting to walk around the villages and towns, meeting people and holding their babies while we taught them about nutrition and breastfeeding was a blessing! There were so many beautiful faces! We took a three day trip up to Gorkha last week to do a nutrition class and help with guitar teaching for some of the youth in the local church. It was a blessing to see the work of Jesus in these young people and hear some of their stories. 3 days ago Mom and Dad brought a team from our church to do some medical outreaches and discipleship up in the village we have kind of adopted, Swara. It was a blessing to get some time with them although we are bummed we can’t stay for the whole trip! 

Monday evening we got to spend time with the promise child girls orphanage. Each of these girls (ranging from 6-12) has lost one or both parents and has had a pretty tough life. They are so precious and love to be loved!!😍 They especially loved trying to teach us Nepali! They stole all of our hearts and I know we all wish we could bring them home with us! 

Tuesday was another blessing as we got to visit a leper colony on the outskirts of Kathmandu. It was a sweet time of getting to talk to them and not be afraid to touch them or talk with them. They are usually treated with such distain, so to be loved and not feared was a blessing and encouragement to them. Many of them are able to have their families with them which is so good, but their extended families don’t accept them even though they are on medication and not contagious anymore. One lady that was sharing her story with us said, “before I had Jesus, I had nothing, but now that I have Him, I have everything!” You could see the joy in her heart and on her face despite the trials that she faces! I know I was encouraged by her as much or more than she was encouraged by me! 

Now we are on our way home with full hearts and renewed joy. 

Pray for my parents and the team that’s still in Nepal. 

Pray for us as we transition back to being home in the US. Reverse culture shock is real. Not to mention jet lag! Court and I land in San Francisco tomorrow and will spend a few days there recovering from jet lag. But then we will be driving home Sunday or Monday, so please pray for continued traveling mercies!

Also, I start work Feb 21 back at UCSF and Courtney starts back at CHLA Feb 27. Pray that we are able to get everything done that we need to for starting back at work. And pray for our minds to be prepared to go back to US standards of nursing!

Pray for our time with our family before I go back up to San Francisco. 

Pray for Court and I to not have separation anxiety as we live in separate parts of the state after 6 months side by side. πŸ˜‰

Most of all pray that Christ will continue to be glorified as we continue to let Him live our lives in this next chapter!


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